Why use two-way radios?

Why use two-way radios?

With numerous choices in wireless technology today and with two-way radios being one of the first wireless devices, some wonder if this type of radio is still a useful gadget in the current world of technological communication. Well actually, yes. There are two main features that differentiate two-way radios from other wireless gadgets:

Instantaneous Communication

Two-way radios offer instant communication. Users can simply press the PTT or Push-To-Talk key and inside a fraction of a second, the user can instantly speak and convey their message. This is because of the quick-call setup time entrenched in the technology. This quick communication possibility is one of the main reasons why businesses and organizations prefer two-way radios for their operational or tactical communications.

Group Communication

An additional unique feature of two way radios is its ability to facilitate group-calls or one-to-many communications very effectively. This means that one user can easily communicate with one, five, twenty, hundreds, or even thousands of other two-way radio users simultaneously.

In other words, there;s no need for users to repeat themselves time and again if they need to communicate with more than one user. Moreover, two-way radios performs perfectly for group communication using a minimal amount of RF channel-resources. If every user were in the same vicinity the majority of the time, they would only need one frequency resources to speak to hundreds of other users.